Live on Friday April 7TH 8.00pm
JAZZ.COOP  Newcastle
The Globe, 11 Railway Street,
Newcastle NE4 7AD.
 This is a piece written many years about the aftermath of a nuclear explosion and the subsequent reclaiming  of the landscape by nature, much like what is happening in Chernobyl. We recently added a triumphant type fanfare to emphasise nature's triumph.
This is an improvised piece inspired by the film Under the Skin, and an art exhibition by Daniel Buren using light and mirrors.


 January 2017,  we have a new member of the Sound Project, Liam Hiatt who brings with him his own sounds and  ideas, using electronica and drones and soundscapes, enhancing our compositions, creating textures, moods and atmosphere. 

October 2016 we have nearly completed our new EP 3 Shots Fired, featuring a host of original material. You can listen to one of the tracks here:
Scarlett's Aurora  Pt 2 inspired by the film Under the Skin.  
We are currently auditioning to replace Tom and hopefully  we will be able to appoint somebody soon.

September, We recorded our new EP at the Garage Studios with Kyle, we had a great session and recorded 6 original pieces. Sadly it was our last session with Tom who is leaving for Berlin, we wish him luck and we will miss him! I am sure we will play with us again in the future.
We had a great night at The Independent, Sunderland. We were privileged to support Mammal Hands, what a fantastic trio and really nice guys too.  We also played as a trio for the first time, Tom was not available, but was missed!. We had a great reception from the audience and some lovely comments, so thank you and hopefully see you again soon.
A fantastic afternoon at the Consett Music Festival, lovely atmosphere and sunny! We really enjoyed playing to an appreciative audience, great sound too.
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